Family Dentistry in High Prairie

Many patients spend the majority of their early life seeking out dental practitioners on an as-needed or if-needed basis. Whether seeing a new dentist each year, or sticking with a dentist you’ve had forever, many patients are not aware of the benefits of a family dental practice until they’ve had families themselves!

Family Friendly Dental Clinic

Family friendly dental practices focus in the oral health of every member of the family, no matter the size and no matter the age. Even patients who are expecting often find themselves inquiring about the benefits of a family dental practice. Because family dentists are interested in the care and well-being of the whole family unit, a mother’s dental health while expecting is of particular interest to them. This is because the changes that occur in an expectant mother’s physiology during gestation can result in subsequent changes in her dental health. Loss of calcium and other important minerals should be monitored closely during pregnancy to ensure that the mother’s body is still receiving the nutrition required, despite sharing those vitamins and minerals with their precious growing baby. Mothers with diabetes or other chronic health issues will find a family friendly dentist very competent in the area of oral health during gestation and any health issues or genetic disorders will automatically be of concern to the dentist when baby arrives. A dentist who is familiar with each member of the family and their familial conditions is better prepared to support you in your collective oral health journey. And the journey is a family dentist’s passion!

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With You for the Long Haul

A family dentist’s interests are more than a transactional annual visit. Rather, we are committed to developing a long-term relationship with every member of the family based on trust and rapport. Because we put such a strong focus on long-term relationships, we do everything we can to ensure that time is taken to make each member of the family feels comfortable and at ease during their time with us. We know that for many adults and children alike, the dentist can be a daunting experience – but we don’t think that needs to be the case!

At High Prairie Dental Centre, great customer service is our number one priority. This means that time is taken to ensure that children can ease into the dental experience – because if the kiddos are happy, everyone is happy! What that means varies from patient to patient. Very young children may get familiar with the office by taking a tour, seeing the clinical spaces and trying a dental chair on for size. Starting children at the dentist when they are young can help to make them feel more comfortable having cleanings or procedures performed when they are a little older – and have a few more teeth!

helping the whole family

Children with spectrum or sensory disorders may require additional time and effort to feel comfortable attending the dentist. Our caring team of dental professionals is familiar with trigger reduction strategies such as dimming lights, minimizing noise and maintaining a calm and pleasant tone in the clinical space. Parents feel supported at a family practice that is dedicated to making visits to the dentist happy and productive – and we offer our families sensory reducing strategies such as brushing the gums prior to attending the dentist to deliver sensory stimulation and reduce discomfort during evaluations or procedures.

While a family dentist does perform pediatric dental procedures, a pediatric dentist is not one and the same.  Pediatric dentists are concerned with the treatment and prevention of oral health concerns until their patients mature into adulthood – at which time they are discharged to a general dentist for ongoing support. This can leave many patients not knowing whom to turn to when their time with their pediatric dentist is through. Family dentists also want to support children in their younger years, but we want to maintain our relationship with you through to adulthood and beyond.

Making Family Dentistry Easy

We know that making time for each member of the family to see their dentist regularly can be a challenge! That’s why we make it easy for everyone to be seen with group appointments. While they may not all be performed at once, group appointments allow families to schedule one larger block of time at the dentist to have each member seen, rather than making 3-4 or 5 separate appointments just to have a regular checkup and cleaning conducted. This not only saves time, it allows parents to minimize their time away from work or other commitments while ensuring that each member of the family is seen. Children feel comforted to be attending the dentist with their siblings, and we love seeing them report to one another a clean bill of oral health!  If you have questions about these or other services performed by our general dentists, contact our clinic today!

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